Friday, September 7, 2012

Who Am I?

            Ok. I’m finally doing it. I’m creating a blog. Entering the blogosphere. Now, those of you out there who are reading this (which granted, probably isn’t anyone) may be saying to yourself, “Oh boy, another blog I get to read. I wonder what sort of interesting things this blogger will write about. I mean after all, the title of his blog just looks so enticing. It must be fascinating!” Well, I hate to disappoint you, but I’m about to join the ranks of a very much overdone blog topic: gay, and Mormon.
            Wait what?! That’s what this whole blog is about? You being gay and Mormon? Yes, and I am quite aware that there are many a blog out there on the exact same subject. I wonder myself if there’s anything I can add to the conversation. Well, I’ve concluded that this blog is not for other people, but rather for me. I mean, why should I care if other people read my blog? (I'm selfish like that) If anything, I hope this blog can be an outlet where I can scream at the world and not get in trouble for. And, being gay and Mormon isn’t the only thing I’ll blog about. I’ll probably write about my life, all the incredible hardships that I go through, etc. etc.
           Anyway, with that out of the way, I figure I should introduce myself, to an extent, so that people reading this will understand my background and the references I make. So, here I go. I’m gay. That’s pretty basic. And I’m also Mormon. Whether or not I’m a believing Mormon is yet to be determined. Obviously being raised in the Church, and dealing with being gay can cause one to ask a lot of questions. So to say the least, I’m questioning. That being said, I’m currently going to BYU and everyone there thinks I'm a stalwart member (if only they knew). This is my second year here and I haven’t gone on a mission yet. Awkward… Well, seeing as I’ve been doubting the whole thing, should I really potentially waste two years of my life trying to see if it’s true? I think not. My parents have been putting a lot of pressure on me to go. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately, I’m not quite sure yet) they don’t know any of this whole…gay thing, so they really don’t understand my reluctance to go. I’ve just been doing basic delaying tactics, like telling them, “I need to do a bit more at school” or “I’m not ready yet.” I guess you who are reading (if you actually are out there) will see how the whole thing goes.
          Oh, and on another note, you’ve probably noticed that my writing style is a bit different. Probably because I’m randomly sarcastic at times. It breaks the boredom. So if you can get through my crappy writing, you’ll see a lot of interesting posts in the next while. I’d love to have people actually read about me…hehe

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